• Large-scale / full stack application development engineer
  • Have extensive experience in architecting, re-architecting, designing and implementing large-scale backend/web applications
  • Dogmatic about producing highly reusable semantically meaningful space-efficient debuggable and maintainable quality code. To crash is a shame!
  • Have extensive experience in refactoring and transforming beyond-repair production code into robust secure testable high quality code with no new defects and agreed breaking changes
  • Language agnostic, polyglot, linguist, linguaphile: Scala, C#, Java, C++, JavaScript, PHP, Python
  • Skillful in functional programming and design.
  • Skillful in object oriented design, programming and methodologies. Thoughtfully borrow and apply functional programming concepts.
  • Agnostic, interested and hungry to work with any present day language/technology. Prudent enough to employ the power of the language/technology to effectively solve business problems – Not do C programming with C++ or Java programming in Scala.
  • Have extensive experience working in small and large teams practicing Agile software development; XP (eXtreme Programming), TDD.


A Developer’s Experience
Introduce discrete programming problems from an alternative viewpoint, not HOWTOs, and present plausible solutions, Wild analogies of scenarios identified across platforms or languages.

Rhetoric Musings
Thinker, philosopher, failed writer

Lights Preserved
Highly interested in photography. Capture and present the original beauty of the subject without manipulation.


🔗 C++/CLI Primer – Enter the World of .NET Power Programming, APress Book
🔗 JINQJava INtegrated Query. 📓 📓
🔗 “Please Don’t Fail Me!” – Decorator Cries Out to Template Method
🔗 Type-Safe Logger For C++
🔗 Scrollable Image Viewer
🔗 Simple Tree List View


  • At Livongo
    • As Staff Software Engineer since July 2019
    • As Senior Software Engineer since July 2017
  • As Technology Architect with Cognizant Technology Solutions (May 2011 – May 2017)
  • As Senior Consultant with ThoughtWorks Technologies Ltd, India (May 2010-May 2011)
  • As Technical Lead with HCL Technologies Ltd, India (Jan 2003-Apr 2010)


Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical & Electronics) – 1997 – 2001,
Alagappa Chettiar Govt. College of Engineering & Technology,
Madurai Kamaraj University (78% with Distinction)


  • Skillful and in love with Scala / Functional Programming
  • Highly proficient in C# with the extensive knowledge of .NET internals thereby avoiding/resolving runtime issues at construction time
  • Have hands-on experience in developing web applications using ASP.NET MVC and Web API, and creating user intuitive desktop applications using WFP/MVVM/WinForms
  • Highly proficient in C++. Can write memory leak free code. Template meta-programming enthusiast. C++ 17/20 academic and follower.
  • Highly proficient in Java and J2EE technologies with hands-on experience in creating heavy-weight backend/web applications using one or more of Spring, Apache CXF, Jetty, Tomcat.
  • Have played with Groovy developing highly customizable test automation engine/suites and scripts/snippets that save time.
  • Have hands-on experience in creating lightweight yet functionally heavy web pages using JavaScript, jQuery and other discrete libraries. Experienced in extreme cases of developing pages without the use of any JS frameworks and libraries except jQuery. Have played with ReactJS creating toy applications and pet projects.
  • Have extensive and hands on experience in re-architecting large mundane PHP applications into robust secure and object oriented counterpart utilizing advanced features of PHP.
  • Have published small time applications in Android – Seinfeld Calendar, SMS Firewall. Worked in workshops and meet-ups building small independent applications.
  • Prefer automating the boring stuff with Python rather than with Shell Scripts.
  • Disciplined and thoughtful in writing freely testable code using ScalaTest, ScalaCheck, JUnit, NUnit, Easymock without uglifying mainstream code with ugly setters or such
  • Disciplined / organized use of source control rather than kitchen-sink style code check-ins.
  • Miscellany: Jenkins, My SQL, SQL Server, SQLite, OhMyZsh lover, Amateur Shell Scripting

… Project Highlights


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