Iterators vs. Generators

Yes, there is a difference. Although both produce the same end effect, an iterator is not the same as a generator. The difference is in the way it is implemented and also consumed.

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Mundane vs JINQ Way

New things are not always instantly accepted. Beyond skepticism, new things challenge the comfort people are accustomed to. JINQ wasn’t particularly welcomed. It was either discarded as unknown angel or worse … ridiculed. However, JINQ still promises expressive succinct code.

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In his talk at the CppCon 2014, Bjarne Stroustrup explained, politely and brilliantly, how to write succinct expressive yet intent-ful code. The task is especially hard when there are parties interested in trolling1 rather than contributing. Like Stroustrup explains back, it is difficult to find the real meaning out of a large block of (legacy) code.

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